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Saudi Environmental Center Warns Against Logging

The National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification warned against logging as it harms the environment and biodiversity.

Logging violations include transporting, selling, or storing firewood or local charcoal and collecting local firewood.

The center noted that the fine for these violations starts at SR5,000 ($1,333) for every cubic meter of firewood or local charcoal for the first violation. The amount doubles to SR10,000 for the second violation and reaches SR16,000 for the third violation.

The center’s protection teams monitor vegetation regions across the Kingdom by relying on the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to prevent violations and preserve green spaces.

The center seeks to develop and protect vegetation regions and rehabilitate degraded ones. This includes managing and investing in grazing lands, forests and national parks, along with fighting practices that harm the environment, including logging, and preserving natural resources and biodiversity.


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