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Saudi: Food Truck Festival is Fueling Foodie Appetites in Riyadh

The Food Truck Festival’s 100 operators here are fueling the appetites of foodies with a myriad of offerings from the US, Asia and Latin America.

The festival, which began on Dec. 26 in Hittin district, is a part of the fourth edition of Riyadh Season, titled “Big Time.”

In addition to a large selection of coffee, there is also pizza, noodles, beef and chicken dishes on offer.

The Zee New York Gyro Platter food truck, a business founded in 1980 in New York, provides meat sandwiches from more than 50 food trucks across the country.

Pasta is served by the Prince of Venice food truck, which is based in Southern California.

The Korean food truck, Seoul Street Cafe, which is making its debut this year, serves traditional drinks and ice cream with a modern twist.

The TOOK LOOK Mexican food truck offers a distinctive Latin twist to rice, meat, and chicken dishes.

The Dinand by Ferdi food truck combines the flavors of French and Latin cuisines.

There was a big demand for American cuisine at the festival.

For those looking for vegetarian fare, Ramen Hood, which is inspired by Los Angeles’ famous Central Market, has such offerings.

Flowers Cafe, a specialty coffee truck, is one of several offering variety for caffeine lovers.

“This is our first time participating in Riyadh, and the turnout is beautiful, to be in a place with about 100 food trucks from around the world. People love our coffee from special lavender and flowers latte which is a signature drink,” Abdulrahim, owner of Flowers Cafe told Arab News. “We have a concept of delivering a flower with every order.”

The festival also has areas for children to play and win stuffed toys. 

The festival opens at 4 p.m. and trucks stop taking orders at 11:30 p.m. Tickets can be booked through


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