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Saudi Games: Yara Al-Haqbani wins tennis gold medal

Yara Al-Haqbani, the Saudi female tennis star, has won the gold medal in the women’s tennis competitions, which were held on Thursday in Riyadh as part of the Saudi Games 2022.

Al-Haqbani, who plays for Al-Ittihad club, beat Lara Bukhari in the final 2-0. Al-Haqbani didn’t lose any round during her participation at the Saudi Games 2022.

Al-Haqbani won first place and a prize of one million riyals, while Lara, who came in second, won the silver medal and a prize of SR400,000, while Sarah Al-Obaidan, won the bronze medal and SR100,000 after ranking third.

Al-Haqbani, aged 18, is the first Saudi female tennis player to represent Saudi Arabia at the professional level. She has been registered at Al-Ittihad Club since 2018.


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