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Saudi: Two Pilgrims Die In Unlicensed Hajj Campaign, Contractor Arrested

Following the unfortunate deaths of two pilgrims, a contractor for an unlicensed Hajj campaign was arrested and fined 10,000 dinars by the second minor court.

The Chief Prosecutor of Ministries and Public Bodies announced on Sunday that a contractor, who had organised an unauthorised Hajj campaign, was arrested after a complaint from the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs, and Waqf, which discovered the illegal operation during its monitoring of Hajj affairs for the Hijri season 1444 (2023 AD).

The investigation revealed that the contractor had conducted a Hajj campaign without the necessary licence.

Tragically, two Bahraini pilgrims who joined this unauthorised campaign lost their lives.

As these pilgrims were not officially registered, their deaths raise serious concerns about the safety and security of the entire operation.

In response to the complaint, the Public Prosecution quickly launched an investigation. Witness testimonies and police inquiries confirmed the details of the unlicensed campaign and the unfortunate deaths.

The contractor was subsequently arrested, interrogated, and confronted with the evidence.

The case was then referred to the criminal court, which ultimately imposed the fine.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the need to adhere to regulations and secure the proper licences for Hajj operations. The welfare and safety of pilgrims must remain the highest

The Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs, and Waqf warned against joining fraudulent or unlicensed Hajj campaigns or travelling for Hajj without a permit, to avoid legal consequences.

It urged adherence to the laws and instructions from the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia and emphasised that performing Hajj requires an official permit.

The ministry called for cooperation in combating these practices and noted that a list of licenced Bahraini Hajj campaigns is available on the “Islamiyat Bahrain” app in the government e-services apps store.

Authorities will continue their vigilance and investigations into any unauthorised Hajj activities to ensure the protection of all participants.


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