Tips for Applying for Scholarships

Wondering how to increase your chances of getting a scholarship? Read on!

Applying for a scholarship is one of the hardest parts of University. There is a huge discrepancy on the people who need it and the funds provided for it. Hence, the multitude of people applying for it and the grueling process needed to acquire it.

To help you on this journey, here are some pieces of advice to bolster you’re chances of winning the scholarship lottery.

Apply as early and as often as you could

You have to take in mind that schools have limited funding for scholarships. This being the case, applying early can boost your chances of being selected as an early candidate. Meeting deadlines can be hard and hectic, but finishing early saves you time for other applications, reviewing, or practice for interviews.

Another note is to apply to multiple scholarships, this way you’re chances of getting one is higher. You can always drop one and pick the better option if you end up getting accepted to multiple ones.

Check University sites and other Scholarship opportunities.

Most universities offers scholarships and students are likely to just apply to those and nowhere else. Research and reach out to organizations, government entities, and private institutions that can provide scholarships. If not for tuition, some offer stipends and allowances for students.

Allot time to your essay

The scholarship essay is a huge part of getting picked. Be sure to be informative of your situation and strengths and persuasive on your need of the scholarship. If it is a different kind of essay, read the question thoroughly and give a concise answer. Try to avoid making it unnecessarily long, it will make it hard to finish and understand.

Get a second opinion on your application

Have an instructor or a trusted peer double check your application. This will help you correct your answers, acquire advice, and submit a polished application. Getting tips to improve it from people who got scholarships is also helpful.

Don’t Give Up!

Getting rejected from a scholarship is typical. You need to remember that the process is very nitpicky and you are not alone in losing the fight. Try again with better experience and a more polished application. Apply sporadically and persistently and you are bound to receive the scholarship you deserve.


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