UAE’s E& Launches First Metaverse in the Region

UAE’s technology and investment group e& announced the launch of the ‘e& universe’ the first metaverse in the region that includes experiences such as virtual homes, sports, concerts and more.

The e& universe is set to provide users with virtual and immersive experiences with global events and opportunities to socialise, interact and explore the virtual zones.

The platform made its debut at GITEX last year and aimed to launch in line with the UAE’s Metaverse strategy.

The first event to be held within the e& universe will be for the new Samsung Galaxy series, allowing users to be able to pre-order their devices in the metaverse.

Khaled Elkhouly, Chief Consumer Officer, etisalat by e& said, “We are thrilled to bring our revolutionary metaverse, a virtual realm that transcends imagination and brings together various zones of boundless possibilities. This groundbreaking launch will reshape the way we interact, explore and create, offering all our users a truly immersive experience. We want to welcome all our customers to a future of interconnected realities and are pushing the boundaries of digital innovation empowering them to create unforgettable experiences in an ever-evolving metaverse.”

The platform was developed in partnership with HTC’s VIVERSE technology.

Joseph Lin, GM, VIVERSE said, “e& universe, powered by HTC’s VIVERSE technology, is revolutionising immersive social experiences, taking them to unprecedented heights. These remarkable new features we’ve developed for e& underscore its unwavering commitment to pioneering innovative ways for people to relish content and forge meaningful connections with one another.”

The e& universe houses virtual home spaces which can be decorated and personalised using NFTs and other digital assets allowing interactions through voice and text chats.

Real-world events will also make its way to the e& universe with its own arena and stadium allowing social interactions through the VIP box voice and text chats.

Virtual moments can also be captured to share with friends and family.

The virtual spaces within the universe will be the host to sport events, concerts, professional events, real estate exhibitions and more.

At the e& universe shop, users can browse through and purchase from an array if paintings, art pieces and home decor that are convertible to NFTs for collection and use in the personalised virtual homes.

Event passes for concerts and other events can also be purchased through the virtual platform.


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