Viral ‘Sunroof Dancing’ Video: Driver Fined, Jailed, And To Be Deported

The Chief Prosecutor announced that the Court of Cassation had upheld the Public Prosecution’s appeal, revising the initial judgement and imposing a three-month custodial sentence on the defendant for allowing a car passenger to act indecently in public.

Furthermore, the individual was penalised BD50 for mobile phone usage while driving.

Upon completion of the prison term, the defendant is mandated to undergo deportation for a period of three years.

Initially, the prosecution was alerted by a report from the General Directorate of Traffic, which highlighted a video on social media.

The footage showed a driver in the company of a young woman, allowing her to perform actions deemed inappropriate.

Subsequently, the prosecution launched an inquiry and questioned the driver regarding the alleged traffic offences.

The case proceeded to a criminal trial, where the court’s preliminary verdict was a fine of BD100 for the primary offence and BD50 for the secondary offence.

Dissatisfied with the leniency of the original sentence, the Public Prosecution challenged the decision, advocating for a more stringent penalty.

The Court of Cassation responded by issuing the amended ruling outlined above.


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