400 kg of Hashish, Other Drugs, Firearm Seized From a Boat in Kuwait

Kuwaiti authorities have arrested two people with a huge quantity of narcotic drugs which they were trying to smuggle into the country through sea.

According to a statement shared on social media, the Ministry of Interior said the authorities seized 400kg of hashish, one million captagon pills and 500gm of methamphetamine from a boat. They have also seized a firearm and ammunition from the boat.

“As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to arrest drug dealers and smugglers, the Criminal Security Sector, represented by the General Administration for Narcotics Control, in cooperation with the General Administration of the Coast Guard, was able to thwart an attempt by two people to bring in about 400 kilograms of hashish, one million Captagon pills, and half a kilogram of Shabu (methamphetamine) by sea,” the statement said.

Through intensified search, investigation, monitoring and follow-up operations by the General Administration of Narcotics Control of narcotic smugglers and dealers, two individuals, who were supposed smuggle the drugs by sea, were identified. After coordination with the General Administration of the Coast Guard and monitoring the vessel through the radar system, the officers seized and searched the boat. The drugs and the firearm were hidden inside the vessel. The accused and the seized contraband were referred to the competent authority to take the necessary legal measures.


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