Bahrain: Man Jailed 5 Years for Smuggling 167 Drug Capsules in Stomach

A drug smuggler, who received five years in jail for attempting to smuggle drug-filled capsules in his stomach to the Kingdom, has had his appeal rejected by the High Appeals Court.

Police had arrested the man, an Asian national, with 167 capsules from the Bahrain International Airport.

Customs officials said they grew suspicious of the man for her looked unusually nervous during check-in procedures.

“We then removed him to the red lane for further examination and urged him to disclose any illegal items he had, but he denied it.”

“His baggage was clean and had nothing suspicious.”

Despite denying that he had any illegal items on him, officials became suspicious due to his fatigue and nervousness.

“Hence, we took him to a hospital for a medical examination,” an officer who was present at the time of the arrest told the Court.

X-ray examination, the officer said, confirmed our suspicion, with doctors detecting 167 capsules in his stomach, which were later identified as methamphetamine.

Further investigation also found that the man was part of an international network attempting to smuggle drugs into the Kingdom.

Public Prosecution had charged the man with smuggling drugs into the Kingdom.


The Daily Tribune

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