Bahrain: BDF unit participates in Arab Sword manoeuvres

A Bahrain Defense Force unit is participating in the final stages of the Arab Sword 2020 military exercise in Egypt that is also involving Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Sudan.

During this stage of the maneuvers, field applications, specialized military maneuvering, and methods of dealing with hostile targets and emergencies were carried out.

The advanced stage of the exercise reflects the efficiency and ability of the participating forces in carrying out the tasks assigned to them with high accuracy and professionalism.

The Arab Sword exercise is part of the Arab military cooperation to bolster combat capabilities and readiness, enhance coordination and exchange expertise and military skills.

The manoeuvres are among the most important in the Arab world and confirm the depth of the ties between the participating states. They aim to unify joint Arab military action to provide security and stability in the Middle East.


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