Bahrain: BenefitPay Can Now Be Used at Exchange Centre

BENEFIT has announced the launch of a new service, for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Customers can now exchange or transfer money at exchange houses using BenefitPay, the National Electronic Wallet, rather than the use of physical cash.

This comes through an agreement signed by Bahrain India International Exchange Co (BIIECO), the first recipient of this service, as part of a series of agreements with the remaining exchange companies operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain to follow.

This step is in line with our efforts to encourage and create a cashless society, working in line with the Kingdom’s vision to strengthen the digital community through launching a variety of services in different sectors, especially the banking sector, which has become dependable on electronic financial transactions.

BenefitPay, the Kingdom’s National Electronic Wallet, has over 450,000 registered users and over 3,500 participating stores within a network that accepts the use of BenefitPay as a payment method.


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