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Bahrain: Certain Medical Services Temporarily Suspended

The National Health Regulatory (NHRA) announces the temporary suspension of elective, non-emergent medical services and procedures in Dental, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Alternative Medicine services at all private healthcare facilities.

This comes into effect immediately on Thursday March 26, 2020 for the next two weeks with a possibility of an extension if the situation warrants it.

First: Dental Services – Suspension of all non-emergent, elective services with the exception of:

  1. Pain due to pulp exposure or inflammation of pulp or periodontium or dry socket or ongoing root canal treatment.
  2. Bleeding after extraction.
  3. Swelling due to dental or periodontal abscess.
  4. Dental trauma and maxillofacial injuries.
  5. TMJ dislocation.

Second: Dermatology, Aesthetics, and Plastic Surgeries -Suspension of the following procedures unless urgently required:

  1. Laser /phototherapy.
  2. Aesthetic procedures (filler, scraping, Botox, cosmetic strings, hair transplant, mesotherapy, laser, and any other cosmetics services, and elective, non-emergent surgeries such as liposuction, lifting and tightening, etc.
  3. Surgeries that are permitted include emergency surgeries such as burns, hand surgery, tissue loss surgery, ulcers, skin cancer excisions, flaps etc.

Third: Alternative Medicine Services: Suspension of all non-emergent, elective services such as:

  1. Hijama/ Cupping.
  2. Dry needling.
  3. Chinese needling


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