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Bahrain: Increased Operational Cost Affects East Riffa Market

The state of commercial stagnation affects the Known Eastern Riffa Market, as is the case in most markets and commercial roads in the Kingdom, from Exhibition Road to Budaiya Highway and to Muharraq Market and others. The same story is repeated, as the shops offered for rent are increasing on a daily basis.

Reasons have become known, even the industrial streets, which are crowded with garages and auto air-conditioning repair shops, which used to value 30 thousand dinars, have become shops offered for rent at low prices.

The most important reasons for these are the rise in the Operational Cost, especially after the Value added tax, the increase in Electricity and Water, the increased fees by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, the flexible visa, and the escalating fees here and there.

This is known in economics as Market Shock, which is an unexpected or unpredictable event that affects an economy, either positively or negatively. Technically, it is an unpredictable change in or called the unexplained factors by economics, which may influence endogenous economic variables in such events.


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