Bahrain: NHRA rejects Covid-19 positive tap water claims

The National Health Regulatory Authority yesterday rejected claims circulating on social media that tap water tested positive to COVID-19 as false and misleading. The authority also warned against sharing “misleading and incorrect” information and urged to refer only to legitimate sources.

It was said that in order for the device to return accurate results, one should use it in a manner instructed by the health authorities and manufacturer.

NHRA stated that the device would get damaged if used directly without exposing it to the buffer solution which may result in inaccurate positive results.

When referred to the documents published by the WHO, it became clear that as of now, there is no evidence of transmission of coronavirus through groundwater sources or drinking water.

COVID-19 virus is an enveloped virus with a fragile outer membrane which is less stable in environment and are more susceptible to oxidants such as chlorine.


The Daily Tribune
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