Bahrain to Get Its Own Set of Video Game Developers

The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) signed a partnership agreement with the Canadian training provider Think Tank Training Centre to train 72 Bahrainis in 3D visualisation and video game development.

The training aims to provide the local market with qualified talent specialised in visual effects, sound engineering, animations and more in demand skills related to the field.

This initiative comes in line with Tamkeen’s plan to train Bahrainis and upskill them in high potential sectors to enhance their competitiveness locally and internationally. The Bahraini trainees will attend an immersive 16-month program to learn about character design and visual effects for films and video games, while also building various specialised skills in the field through a custom online learning management system and portal.

The Think Tank team will continue to work with the trainees after they complete the program to identify training opportunities in prestigious international companies to implement the skills they learned through their training.


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