Bahraini artists to create sculptures for new Passenger Terminal Building

Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) Chairman, Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, paid a visit to the Bahrain International Airport Marble Sculpture symposium, an initiative that will see 10 leading Bahraini sculptors create sculpture for the new Passenger Terminal Building.

Organised by BAC and Hind Gallery, the event is taking place in a facility near the airport equipped with all the materials and tools the artists need to craft their creations.

The artists briefed the minister on the project, which will see huge blocks of marble transformed into compositions depicting Bahrain’s heritage, culture, and closely knit societal fabric.

The minister said that the symposium emphasises Bahrain’s rich artistic heritage, as well as its major artistic and cultural contributions.

He said: “This symposium is an opportunity to showcase the talent of Bahraini artists who, through their participation in local and international exhibitions, have displayed their work at several world-famous venues. It also highlights the strong presence of local artists within the new terminal.”

He added: “The symposium is part of a comprehensive art programme that will transform the new terminal into an area where art meets architecture, offering visitors a distinct travel experience. Every element of the new facility’s design has been carefully considered to reflect Bahrain’s culture and heritage. With its unique design elements and enjoyable atmosphere, the new terminal is envisioned to become a popular attraction for tourists in and of itself.”

The sculptors participating in the three-week project expressed pride in their participation in the initiative that will turn the Bahrain International Airport into a small museum showcasing the Kingdom’s heritage.

The new terminal will house two galleries which will regularly display Bahraini antiques and art. Moreover, Souq Al Qaisarya will feature a broad selection of local products, food and beverage outlets, Bahraini jewelry, an art gallery, and a theatre, enabling passengers to experience the Kingdom without having to set foot outside the airport.

The new terminal is a key component of the Airport Modernization Program (AMP), one of the most important development projects in the Kingdom’s history. The AMP will elevate BIA’s infrastructure, facilities, and services, transforming it into a world-class boutique airport and a key driver of national economic growth.


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