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Bahrain’s Renowned “Kuwaiti Building” is No More

The renowned “Kuwaiti Building” in the center of Manama was demolished yesterday after a judicial dispute for more than 10 years between the Ministry of Municipalities and the owners.

Details indicate that the head of the Capital Municipality Council, Saleh Tarada, noted that the demolition decision came as the court issued a ruling in favour of the municipalities to compel the owner to demolish the building, and the Capital Secretariat subsequently issued a tender for technical advice to determine the most appropriate demolition mechanism for the building, and documents were prepared to offer a demolition tender.

The cost of demolition was estimated at around BD24,000 and the budgetary provision will be followed up by the Ministry of Municipalities, while a claim will be filed to collect all amounts of demolition and removal process from the owner after the completion of the work according to the approved legal procedures.

It is noteworthy that the “Kuwaiti Building” was the most famous during the eighties and nineties as a commercial landmark that embraces large brands in Manama. The building, that used to include more than 72 shops and offices as well as 174 apartments, also included many giant local companies.

It has been evacuated from tenants since 2006 after the Manama Municipality filed an urgent lawsuit to demolish it and its ruling was upheld by the Appeal Court.


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