Coronavirus: Hamza Kooheji Represents Bahrain in Global Campaign

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One of Bahrain’s biggest sporting idols has joined the fight against Coronavirus. BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight fighter Hamza Kooheji has become one of the voices of the #BRAVECombatsCovid19 worldwide campaign, which is set to impact thousands of fans around the world with awareness over the dangers of the virus and how to better protect yourself and your loved ones.

BRAVE Combat Federation has recruited fighters from around the world in the fight against Coronavirus, asking them to send videos and to make sure their followers, fans, as well as their communities, are aware of what’s needed from them to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread.

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In the video posted to his social media profiles, “The Pride of Bahrain” urges his fans to only trust official guidelines put forth by the World Health Organization, as well as to not spread information that has not been verified by authorities. Kooheji also asks everyone to be strong in this difficult moment, and thanks to everyone that’s working hard to contain the virus.



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