Dubai Customs seizes marijuana concealed in peanut paste

Dubai Customs inspection officers at Dubai International Airport have seized 5.95 kilograms of marijuana which a traveler had tried to smuggle into the county concealed in peanut paste.

The passenger, who was travelling from an African country, appeared anxious and Dubai Customs – using highly innovative technology used to thwart illegal or banned substances into the UAE – found the contraband hidden within rolls of the nut product, the department said.

“We suspected the passenger’s bag while passing the X-ray machine and signs of anxiety were observed on the passenger,” said Ibrahim Al-Kamali, director of the passenger operations department at Dubai Customs.

“In addition to our highly skilled staff, we use the latest inspection technologies in our work.”

“We manually searched the bag and discovered 5.95kg of marijuana hidden inside six rolls of peanut paste.”



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