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Kuwait Still Under Shortage of Filipino Domestic Workers

At a time when Manila has lifted the total ban on the deployment of Filipino labour to Kuwait, the crisis of domestic workers still continues despite the agreement signed by concerned authorities from the two countries regarding the new items of the unified contract.

Reliable sources explained the unified contract for recruiting domestic workers from the Philippines remains shelved for unknown reasons despite obtaining the approval of Fatwa and Legislation Department affiliated to Cabinet.

They affirmed that domestic recruitment offices are unable to hire new workers from the Philippines as yet – regardless of lifting the total ban and signing new agreements for that purpose. It is mentioned that the domestic market currently suffers severe shortage after halting the deployment of Filipinos for two months, noting a significant increase in the number of Kuwaiti families waiting to hire domestic workers, especially with the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching.

A large number of local recruitment agencies and offices have appealed to the State Minister of Economic Affairs and Minister of Social Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel to speed up the activation of the unified contract to protect thousands of citizens who are waiting to hire domestic workers


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