Online Medicine Order Service Available at Salmaniya Medical Complex

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has recommended for patients of the outpatient clinics of Salmaniya Medical Complex to take advantage of the Online Medicine Order Service of Salmaniya Medical Complex pharmacy through the website of the Ministry of Health, by clicking on the following link:

This service allows those who attend the Salmaniya Medical Complex to order their medicine electronically via the Ministry’s website and choose the time to receive it, which saves the patient effort and time and reduces congestion in the Salmaniya Medical Complex pharmacy.

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This electronic service allows the patient to use personal number and specify the date of receiving of the medicine, followed by an SMS confirmation of the application.

The Ministry called on all patients to use this electronic service and ask their questions and comments about this service in order to work on developing it in a way that suits the desires of the patients.

It is worth noting that the Ministry is currently adding an optional service for the delivery of medicines to patients in their homes, as part of the Ministry’s development plans in the near future, to the convenience of patients.

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