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Saudi Arabia Railways Buys 10 New Trains, Plans To Double Capacity And Provide Express Direct Riyadh To Dammam Service

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) signed a contract with Swiss manufacturer Stadler for the supply and maintenance of ten next-generation passenger trains for SAR’s East railway network, alongside the option for SAR to order an additional ten units in the future.

As per the contract signed by SAR CEO Bashar Al Malik and Stadler President Peter Spuhler, the trains will meet the latest European and international standards while also being designed for the specific climate of Saudi Arabia to provide a comfortable and safe travel experience.

Each train will be able to carry around 340 passengers, with designated tracks for wheelchairs to serve people with mobility disabilities.

Saudi Arabia Railways buys new trains

Minister of Transport and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAR Saleh Al Jasser attended the signing ceremony.

He said that these trains will double the annual capacity of the East Trains to over 3.8m passengers annually and provide direct express service between Riyadh and Dammam to meet the growing demand for trips between the two main cities in the Kingdom.

Al Malik also said that SAR is committed to achieving a comprehensive renaissance in the rail transport field in the Kingdom, adding that these modern trains will serve the entire operational scope of the East railway network by increasing seat capacity, the number of daily trips, and the annual capacity of the network, as these trains will cover the stations of Riyadh, Hofuf, Abqaiq and Dammam.


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