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Saudi: Expats over 25 years old must transfer iqama for renewal

The General Directorate of Passports has revealed an important condition for renewing the residential permit (iqama) of a resident over the age of 25.

If the head of the family wants to renew his iqama and those of all the dependents in his family, but one dependent has exceeded the age of 25 years, then, in that case, the dependent, who has exceeded 25 years, should transfer his sponsorship first.

The Passports Directorate was reply to a query by a resident, through the department’s official Twitter account, regarding the method of renewing the residency of one of his dependents, who had exceeded the age of 25.

He asked, “Is it possible to renew the residence permit of one of the dependents, who has exceeded the age of 25 years, given that the Labor Office refuses to transfer sponsorship before renewal?”

The Passports confirmed on Twitter: “The directives stipulate the transfer of services for those who have reached the age of 25. In order to be able to complete the renewal of a resident’s identity, please refer to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development as long as you have exceeded the legal age.”


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