Bahrain fines companies with BD 200,000 for illegal recruitment

Bahrain’s Minor Criminal Court has issued fines of around 200,000 dinars in a number of cases involving the illegal employment and recruitment of domestic workers, local media reported.

According to Ministries and Public Bodies Prosecution chief prosecutor Muath Al Huqail, the court’s verdicts were issued in 35 cases that involved 38 defendants. He added that the fines ranged between 1,000 dinars and 26,000 dinars against each defendant.

Al Huqail explained that the total fines issued against the offenders came to 197,000 dinars. The charges were keeping work permits without the need for them, employing workers without a permit, and recruiting domestic workers without a permit.

In a press statement circulated by the Public Prosecution, the chief prosecutor said: “The Public Prosecution had received several reports from the Labour Market Regulatory Authority about a number of individuals applying for Commercial Registrations (CRs) in order to obtain work permits.

After inspecting the shops, which the abovementioned CRs were issued under, it was found that these do not engage in any commercial activities. It was proven that the defendants were able to obtain and keep work permits without needing them.”

The Public Prosecution had interrogated the defendants and referred them to the concerned court for their violation of the Labour Market Regulatory Law.


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