Bahrain: High Court Upholds LMRA Decision as Run-Away Maid is Denied Visa Transfer

A woman, who is alleged to have fled from her previous employer, has been told by the court that she does not have the right to work for another employer. The High Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to deny the transfer of her visa to a new sponsor, stating that it is legally valid.

The woman had approached the court seeking redress, claiming that she left her previous employer for they failed to fulfil their obligations as per her employment contract. According to court records, she initially came to Bahrain under the sponsorship of her former employer from whom she later absconded.

Subsequently, she attempted to secure other jobs before finding an opportunity with a new family, for which she sought assistance from LMRA. However, during the process, LMRA officials discovered that there was a complaint filed against her by another family stating that she had absconded from their employment.

Additionally, LMRA officials found that the claims made by the woman against her former employer were untrue, leading them to reject her request for a visa transfer. During the trial, the court confirmed that LMRA’s decisions are made in the public interest and cannot be challenged unless there is clear evidence of abuse of power


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