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Bahrain: Over 80,000 Expired Food Seized From Hamala

More than 80,000 expired food products have been seized in a 750-square-meter warehouse in Hamala. This was announced by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism.

The Assistant Undersecretary of Control and Resources, Abdulaziz Al-Ashraf, stated that the inspection and seizure took place as a result of Public Prosecution’s decision to assign seizure officers from the ministry to a warehouse of food products due to concerns regarding the possession of expired foodstuffs for the purpose of distribution.

He explained that after inspection, the warehouse contained more than 80 thousand expired food products for 80 brands of different origin. The warehouse, he added, was completely packed with goods and food products that are all expired, including huge amounts of rice, lentil, chickpeas, ground spices such as black pepper, turmeric, pickles, tomato paste, grape leaves, corn, coconut powder, and many other products.

He noted that the warehouse contained tools to change the expiry dates on products, and various labels bearing the brand with a new expiry date.

The Assistant Undersecretary of Control and Resources assured that inspection of the commercial shops related to the warehouse has been intensified.

In fact, he noted, one of the shops owned by one of the accused in the expired food case was shut down after inspection as many of the products sold in the store bear the same brands.

Al-Ashraf confirmed that the ministry will go on with its inspection and follow-up.


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