Bahraini Man and Nephew Jailed for Mugging Expat

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A Bahraini man and his nephew got their punishment upheld by the Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal after they pleaded against their conviction of impersonating policemen and mugging an expat man last year. Both men were sentenced to five years in jail each.

The incident was reported to the authorities when an Asian expat, the victim, lodged a complaint to the police against the appellants, a 30-year-old uncle of the 18-year-old nephew, alleging that they mugged him for BD50 after claiming they were policemen.

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The nephew told investigators that his uncle was the mastermind of the crime and that they mugged the victim in the Salmabad area in the Northern Governorate.

Meanwhile, the uncle denied his nephew’s allegations and told investigators that his nephew was the one who asked him for assistance to steal money from Asian labourers.

Both men appealed against the previously announced verdict, but the Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal rejected their request and upheld their punishment after deliberating the case and reviewing the evidence and testimonies.

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