Batelco Provides Mobile Coverage for the First Time on Jarada Island

In line with Batelco’s commitment to provide connectivity to all areas of Bahrain, the Kingdom’s telecom market leader has delivered mobile coverage for Jarada Island as the only Bahraini operator. Jarada Island is located 32 km East of Manama and is a popular destination for visitors and boaters, who want to enjoy the sea and relax on the beautiful sand island.

Batelco mobile service is now available on the island, so customers will be able to use voice, data and video call services including MS teams, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more.

The new Batelco mobile coverage will boost the experience of the visitors to Jarada, increasing safety and allow Batelco customers to spend time on the island without worrying about their connectivity or being off the grid.

Batelco General Manager Networks Rashid Mohamed commented on the new mobile service for Jarada Island. “Batelco’s mobile network already provides the best coverage throughout Bahrain and we are committed to ensuring that its networks reach all areas with reliable connectivity. We are always eager to find solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and we continue to make very significant investments in the Batelco mobile network.”

“We recognized the need for coverage in this off-shore island of Bahrain as many people enjoy boating especially at the weekends, and Batelco wanted to support their connectivity needs and also their safety, which is of the utmost importance.”

“Batelco achieved the new coverage of Jarada Island by its highly skilled team of technicians deploying a custom-made solution to achieve improved range and quality of radio coverage over the sea, a testament to the on-going improvement of the Batelco network,” he added.


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