Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Latest updates on expats news in the GCC Countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman.

bank account

Bahrain: Expat Loses BD53,000 From His Bank Account

An expat resident in the Kingdom was shocked after coming to know that BD53,000 has gone missing from his bank account.The victim of bank...

Bahrain: Thief Robs Expat Then Hands Him BD5 For Food

Two men mugged an expat with a knife and handed BD 5 back to the victim when he stated that he wouldn’t have money...

Bahrain: EWA Uses WhatsApp To Record Meter Readings

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) utilizes WhatsApp to avoid the estimated readings of subscribers’ electricity and water meters.EWA pointed out that this service...
expat businessman

Bahrain Customs Arrests Expat Businessman On Forgery

An expat businessman was caught by customs official’s minutes before boarding the plane to his home country. He had used one of his employees’...
expat killed

Bahrain: Expat Killed In Road Accident

An expat was killed in a road accident after being hit by a car on Shaikh Isa bin Salman Highway nearby Umm Al Hassam...
UAE expat

UAE: Expat Stabs Roommate Over Recipe

A heated argument over a recipe drove an expat in UAE to stab his roommate with a kitchen knife leaving the affected with a...

BAPCO To Increase Job Opportunities In Bahrain

The BAPCO expansion will increase the refining capacity by more than 42%, elevating the contributions of the national competencies in the oil and gas...
saudi business

Saudi: 24-Hour Trading For Restaurants Approved

Saudi cabinet decision permitted stores and restaurants to operate the 24-hour trading in exchange for paying a fee, according to the official Saudi Press...
fuel price in bahrain

Bahrain Denies Allegations On Increase In Fuel Rates

Rumors of an increase in fuel rates in Bahrain have been refuted by the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA). Social media posts claiming an increase...
expats in uae

UAE Changes Sponsorship Rules For Expats

Low-paid expats in the UAE will now be able to bring their families to the country through the new resolution from the Federal Authority...
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