Friday, July 19, 2019


Latest updates on expats news in the GCC Countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman.

expat work visa ban

Oman: Ministry Extends Expat Work Visa Ban On Jobs

The Ministry of Manpower has announced that the ban on expat work visas for carpenters, metallurgy workers, blacksmiths, and brick-kiln workers, will be extended...

UAE Approves 100% Foreign Ownership In 13 Sectors

The UAE Cabinet on Tuesday afternoon approved 100% foreign ownership in 13 sectors and across 122 economic activities.The 13 sectors include space, renewable energy,...

8 Saudis, 1 Expat Injured In Terrorist Attack On Airport

Nine people, including eight Saudi Nationals and an Indian Expat, were injured in a terrorist attack carried out by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia...
maid in jail

Bahrain: Expat Maid Jailed For Burning Sponsor’s House

The court sentenced an expat maid to one-year imprisonment and permanent deportation for burning her sponsor’s house in Busaiteen earlier this year.The Kenyan housemaid...
summer ban

Bahrain: Summer Outdoor Work Ban Begins Today

The two-month summer work ban begins today as per the edict issued by the Labour and Social Development Ministry. The regulation bans direct sun...

Bahrain: Death Penalty For ‘Serial Killer’ Who Hate Expats

A Bahraini man, who committed two gruesome murders last year was sentenced to death by the First High Criminal Court yesterday.The man killed two...

Saudi Agents Protest Against New Conditions On Maid Recruitment

Saudi recruitment offices have decided not to accept any new applications to recruit housemaids from Monday.The decision came in protest against an article in...

Saudi: Recruitment Firms Obliged To Receive Housemaids On Arrival

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has made it imperative for the recruitment offices and companies to receive the housemaids on arrival at...

Saudi: Expats Banned Entry Into Makkah From Shawwal 25

The authorities in Makkah have banned the entry of expatriates, including those visiting the holy city via Haramain Train, from Shawwal 25 until Dhul...

UAE: Gold Card Permanent Residency Issued To 400 Expats

The UAE has granted ‘gold card’ visas to 400 expatriates since the introduction of the permanent residency scheme last month, the General Directorate of...
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