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Kuwait: Expat widows & divorcees’ citizenship withdrawal under study

The Fatwa and Legislation Department is currently studying the process of withdrawal of Kuwaiti citizenship from non-Kuwaiti women who had acquired it after marrying Kuwaiti citizens, but then married non-Kuwaitis following divorce or the death of their Kuwaiti husbands, reports Al-Rai daily.

The department launched this study after the Parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee referred a memorandum to the Ministry of Interior requesting knowledge on the constitutionality of this decision. According to the memorandum, the Parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee asked the Ministry of Interior to know the possibility of adding a new paragraph to the draft law related to the naturalization of Kuwaiti women. The new paragraph states, “It provides for the withdrawal of Kuwaiti nationality from foreign women who acquired Kuwaiti nationality and whose marital relationship ended with divorce or death and they married non-Kuwaitis”. This is based on the discussion that took place during the committee’s meeting.


Arab Times

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