Kuwait likely to extend deadline for residency violators

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Kuwait plans to extend a grace period for expatriate violators of residency rules, according to a local newspaper.

The Interior Ministry intends to give residency violators a month-long grace beginning January 1, Al Rai newspaper reported, citing security sources.

A deadline for illegal expatriates to readjust their status is due to end on Thursday, December 31.

The new grace period is attributed to the closure of the Kuwait International Airport as the country temporarily shut its borders to prevent the spread of a new strain of COVID-19.

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“Many illegal expatriates have not been unable to make use of the grace period announced by the residency affairs sector ending on Thursday,” a security source said.


No specific number of illegal residents has been given. In April, they were estimated at about 100,000 visa violators in Kuwait.

Kuwait has repeatedly extended the grace period for illegal residents in the past months.



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