Kuwait Ranks First Regionally in Achieving Indices Combating AIDS

Kuwait took first place on Arab and Middle Eastern levels in meeting the indices of combating acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) with 94 percent, as per the United Nations report.

Health Ministry Assistant Undersecretary and Chief of the permanent national committee of AIDS, Dr. Al-Munther Al-Hasawi, stated this upon inaugurating the annual conference on AIDS and reproductive illnesses on Monday.

He explained that Kuwait had achieved the 90 / 90 / 90 indicator meaning that 90 percent of infected people are aware of their infection, 90 percent of diagnosed people are receiving treatment and 90 percent of those receiving treatment have undetected viral load.

Since then Kuwait has taken quick steady steps towards achieving the 95 / 95 / 95 objective by 2035. However, he expects the arrival of these results before then.

Kuwait is now working towards achieving the fourth 90 indicator, the one designated for quality of life, mentioned Dr. Al-Hasawi.


Kuwait Times

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