Kuwait: No performance-based bonuses for sacked expats

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The Ministry of Public works has not awarded performance bonuses to non-Kuwaiti employees who will be laid off, Al Anba reported.

According to a source that spoke with Al Anba, around 300 expats have been excluded from receiving the initial bonus.

The source pointed out that the Ministry will permanently dismiss the rest of its non-Kuwaiti employees by next April. Currently, the total number of expats working in the Ministry of Public Works totals to around 500, the source added.

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Earlier this year, the Ministry terminated the contract of 80 non-Kuwaiti workers, that comprise advisers, accountants, engineers and others in various professions.

The plan to end their contract is part of the Kuwaitization policy which aims at replacing all expats working in the public sector so that 100 per cent of the governmental employees are Kuwaitis.



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